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Williams takes the psychology of courtship and applies it to the development of your career. She’s the founder of WORKS, a successful media and marketing resource that serves young professional women, and her ideas get regular big name print and broadcast coverage. reads like a humorous conversation (albeit one sided because you are reading a book) of pointers to shake things up in your career.

When it comes to relationships there’s a law of interaction. Hers in an ultra-modern take on feminism, entertainingly drawing a few R-rated parallels to get her point across. takes the overarching and overwhelming concept of “career success” and - stylishly - drills down to its nitty-gritty bare bones so you’ll know what to do, and what you should be wearing when you do it. is an approachable read full of valuable real-world insights for the budding careerist.

And at the same time they get more protective toward shy, trembling you."4.

"When you're shy and natural, boys instinctively feel, 'Here's a girl I can believe... "If you appear to be 'boy crazy,' guys won't be crazy about you. "Sometimes, when [sweet] girls are with a guy, they put up an impenetrable wall. But they aren't attracted to girls who act crudely.

And they go out of their way to avoid the humiliation of rejection, even if it means passing up the chance to have a close girl friend — and being lonely all through high school."5. 'Oh, she's so desperate...' or 'She'll go after anything in pants.' None of this will help you become popular." 6. There's no better way to catapult into the social limelight — and leave an indelible impression on your classmates' minds."12. They may chug beer and make a contest out of who can belch the loudest.

I have girlfriends who are just the shyest, nicest, wouldn't-hurt-a-fly kind of people. "Don't tell your girl friends every last detail about your relationship with a boy, at least not in a gossipy way. "By letting a guy make the big moves you'll be doing wonders for his ego; when his ego's feeling fine, your life will be brighter, too."15.

And yet I've heard boys ask again and again, 'How could you be friends with her, she's such a snob? A guy can feel very embarrassed — and bitter — knowing that your girl friends get a play-by-play each time he calls you, asks you out on a date, or kisses you." 9. "Another good way to turn a crush into the real thing is to determine your man's schedule of classes for the day...