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Margot Gilman, from Consumer Reports’ Money Content Development Team, said: “While the prospects of finding a long-term match were surprisingly good amongst our survey respondents, our survey suggests that online dating can be as frustrating and emotionally fraught as off line dating.” In terms of why people aren’t using online dating platforms, Consumer Reports found that a huge 56% of women and 41% of men were concerned about being scammed.A further 21% of women and 9% of men listed their reason as knowing someone who had a bad experience with online dating.But even the best digital match can’t guarantee chemistry.That’s why it’s important to go on a date to meet someone in person early in the process.

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Even the highest ranking site — the free Ok Cupid — received a reader score of 56, which basically translates to “meh.” (Runners up: Tinder, with a 52; Grindr, with a 52 and Plenty Of Fish, with a 50.; all are also free.) Or as the story dispassionately puts it: Respondents “gave online dating sites the lowest satisfaction scores Consumer Reports has ever seen for services rendered — lower even than for tech-support providers.” But is that really Tinder’s fault?

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Online dating is different from shopping for other kinds of things like a sweater. Consumer Reports says you can maximize your results by choosing the right site from the beginning.

If you’re interested in meeting someone who say, likes the same kinds of movies as you do, or follows the same faith as you do, you can probably find a website that specializes in helping you find just that.