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Harry Styles (pictured) has bided his time since the world's most successful pop act began a hiatus a year ago, but this debut offering suggests his career is now heading in a very different direction.

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Songstress Becca and record label, Zylofon Media are putting in much effort to promote the musician’s latest album, Unveiling.

A toddler who wanted to be a bear when she grew up, and who set a seal on the apparent happiness of her adoptive parents.

The story was that this woman had decided she could not afford to look after a third child, and so was put in touch by the Church of Scientology with superstar couple Tom Cruise - a devotee of the movement - and his young wife Nicole Kidman.

I look into those eyes and that crazy love happens.

It opens up a part of your heart you didn't even know was there.'Then came the reception — an alcohol-fuelled party held in a trendy Shoreditch bar.