Infopath updating the site content type failed dating sent in sk

Using the SPContent Type Usage class you can find the instances and loop through them.

We can use Info Path to easily customize a list with a design environment for a designing and publishing form via commonly used Windows controls such as check boxes, text boxes, command buttons, and option buttons. Having the Share Point Server Enterprise Site Collection feature activated To activate the Share Point Server Enterprise Site Collection feature, go to Site Setting -- Now, we have Simple Info Path form with the info above.

What I realized when I dug into the issue is that Info Path 2007 couldn’t modify the content type because it had been created at the site collection level – not the subsite level that I was doing my testing from.

You can only modify a content type from where it was created.

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I went though a search and many of the search return (Microsoft Forum, Thor Project) give me a this link, which no longer available.

This option will allow the form template to be used in multiple libraries and sites.

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The publishing process modifies the form template for distribution by adding the publish location and processing instructions sections so that users can open forms that are based on this form template.

Click Update form template and select file Info Path SC which we saved before and click Ok Make sure the form template is uploaded success and click OK Now the Form Template is uploaded to the Manage Form Template page.

I got a variety of error messages including “Updating the site content type failed”.

If I add the field from sharepoint directly (rather than from code) to the content type, it does update the list as well.

Thanks, Joseph My experience in these scenarios is that you need to iterate through all usages of your contenttype manually and add your field to each instance of the content type.