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MXR M 236 Super Badass Variac Fuzz, Fuzz effects pedal, vintage silicon fuzz circuit, controls for Tone, Variac, Output and Gain, Variac control sets effect voltage between 5V-15V for saggy "dying battery" effect, True Bypass, Status LED, metal housing, Bypass...MXR M115 Distortion III, vintage tube amp distortion, controls for sound output and distortion, selected components, True hardwire bypass, solid metal housing, operation with power supply or battery (not included), suitable power supply # 108096 also available.B-Stock, MXR Zakk Wylde Berzerker Overdrive ZW 44B Effectpedal, Zakk Wylde Signature Berzerker Overdrive Pedal, "Bullseye"-Design, Analoger Overdrive, Control for Gain Tone and Output, Status-LED,, works with 9V-Battery or Dunlop ECB-003 AC Adapter (optional not included), Made in USA., B-Stock...B-Stock, MXR M116 Fullbore Metal Distortion FX Pedal - metal distortion, EQ controls.Thom Yorke of Radiohead has included the for many of his signature distortion sounds, using a variety of guitars to achieve various tonal options.MXR co-founders Terry Sherwood and Keith Barr met as high school students at Rush-Henrietta Senior High School in Rochester, New York.The pedal uses a single op-amp and a pair of germanium diodes to ground (parallel-push) for clipping in a very simple configuration with only Output and Distortion controls, no tone control; the pedal uses no discrete transistors.

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For example, Some older MXR Script Logo pedals are actually extremely collectible.

Therefore the code on the pot can be dated as long as the company producing the part was in the EIA. So guitar pedal dating by pots is basically used to get a roundabout date for your equipment.

Some companies don't have specific guitar pedal dating information on their sites, so try to visit the support section of their website and see if customer support may be able to give you insight on dating their electronics.

Together they started Audio Services, an audio repair business, where they repaired stereos and other music equipment in their rented basement apartment.

This experience led them to form MXR and begin producing their first original effect pedal design, the Phase 90, quickly followed by the Distortion Plus, Dynacomp, and the Blue Box.