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Aussi, après avoir regardé votre FAQ, j'ai fait Demandé à Active X pour les téléchargements.Voici les erreurs qui me sont données: "La connexion a échoué""Firefox ne peut établir de connexion avec le serveur à l'adresse"" #Le site est peut-être temporairement indisponible ou surchargé.Actually, yes, you kind of do have to be a conspiracy theorist, because everyone who has any actual knowledge of what's gone on has said it's not even close to true. There is some circumstantial evidence that Google’s lobbying influence was brought to bear in removing Ms. The copyright office administers laws that protect owners.And furthermore, Google does not "aim to pay less for profiting from the property of others." Whatever legitimate complaints plenty of people may have about Google, it's focus is not on profiting off of others' content, but in "making the world's information accessible." But, of course, to a company like News Corp that has failed to adapt to the internet, and which has directly branded Google as "the enemy" it's no surprise that it would misrepresent what Google does and what it wants. So, uh, once again we see the WSJ get basic factual things wrong here.But, the Wall Street Journal (owned by News Corp -- a company run by someone obsessed with made up stories about Google) has decided to try to put some legitimacy to the rumors by posting a ridiculous editorial fanning the already debunked conspiracy theory flames... Why, it's almost as if they just decided "let's bash Google" and didn't have even the slightest underlying knowledge of the facts to make their case. Yeah, the WSJ editorial board doesn't seem to know the difference between copyrights and patents. Okay, but you say that this is just in the subhead, and headline writers get this wrong all the time.Sure, but that doesn't explain all the other fundamental errors in the editorial itself.Why does Julian Assange make these allegations when there is no mention in the published Wiki Leaks documents? stole data of Pakistan citizens to easily track Pakistanis suspected of being involved in terrorism, claims Wiki Leaks, citing its cable in 2009 [09ISLAMABAD1642] from the U. If yesterday's NSA report is accurate it is not unusual; US MI6 set up a front to steal all of Pakistan's voters Hr ERYofer No — Wiki Leaks (@wikileaks) June 6, 2017 While the motivations behind the U.

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Earlier, JIT report stated that Mashal Khan’s murder was carried out after a proper planning.

He was fatally shot at a close range after being thrown down from the second-storey of the hostel.

Imran, a varsity mate of the victim confessed to pulling the trigger.

While one can argue that this was done with the purpose to track Pakistani citizens with suspected links to terrorism, let’s not forget that this was allegedly the year 2009, two years before the international community started accusing Pakistan of being involved in terrorism in the wake of U. NAVY SEALs killing al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

access to the NADRA system was full or only partial and for what purposes the foreign powers would need data of Pakistani citizens. Embassy in Islamabad also claims that then Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani and then Interior Minister Rehman Malik voluntarily offered to share NADRA records with the U.