Pua online dating subject lines

Examining the dynamics with cold logic will lead to the conclusion that online dating is futile.

The one big advantage of online dating is convenience.

On Monday, I mentioned how the universe liked to drop the occasional subject into my lap, sparing me the time and effort to come up with a new topic.

I can’t imagine sifting through 100 responses from moocows to get to the one or two gems in the bunch. Suggest a restaurant or a movie and let’s get together. Also, I threw in one five dollar word — anhedonic — to establish intellectual dominance. Just don’t go overboard and nerd out like you’re an epileptic thesaurus. After snubbing her lame suggestions, I offered a more enticing alternative.

Rule of thumb is one impressive word embedded in a casual streetwise conversation. This is where you will limber up your brain and write descriptively, lushly.

Even though I’ve beaten the odds and had success with online game the few times I’ve ventured onto the internet to score pussy, I don’t recommend it.

For most guys, the odds are too long, and the playing field too tilted in favor of women, mostly fat BBBWs.