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Obtained results showed that young men were more prone to sexually and threatening abuse of their partner compared to girls.

As regards to exposure, men were more often inclined in emotional/verbal, sexual, physical abuse and threatening behavior by their female partner.

Nonetheless, the economy began to stabilize by 2000.

For 2008, various sources offer estimates indicating that the unemployment rate was between 8% and 13.7%, which was an average decrease in estimated unemployment by five to six percent since 2004.

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The owners of the fortification were members of the noble families Lipovečki, Tot, Frankopan, Benvenjud and finally Zrinski, so the castle is today known as Zrinski castle (Stari grad Zrinski in Croatian).

Other forts existing during that period were in the surrounding villages of Komogovina, Svinica, and Prevršac.