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The Pennines restricted canal development, so the railway provided a realistic alternative, especially with the growth in coal usage from the mines in the North East and Yorkshire.

The Grand Junction was designed to link the existing L&MR and the new L&BR; it opened on 4 July 1837, with the L&BR following a few months later.

Although Acts of Parliament allowed railway companies compulsory purchase of wayleave, some powerful landowners objected to railways being built across their land and raised objections in Parliament to prevent the bill from being passed.

By moving through abstract infrastructural channels at higher speeds – highways, high-speed trains, etc.

– we experience the landscape not only as a perceptual act of movement in space but also in relationship with “a general image of the landscape that develops in the mind”, or a cognitive map, as a result of compressed past, present and future experiences along the journey (Appleyard, Lynch & Myer, 1964).

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