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Comedian Spencer Hicks will be involved in a to-be-determined capacity.The show idea grew out of Drake’s desire to do a live, on-location taping of their local radio show, which discusses dating culture by answering fan-submitted questions, bringing in guests and discussing odd dating news stories from the internet.Turner Contemporary is a dynamic visual arts organisation that believes in making art open, relevant and fulfilling for all.Inspired by JMW Turner’s sense of enquiry, we offer a space for...A live Tinder show came to be after the duo read a story about the popularity of similar shows popping up across the country.“Tinder was sort of the trailblazer, but it’s also kind of turned into a dumpster fire with the rise of other better, more niche apps,” he said.“There’s a whole lot of better apps that have better people groups because they’re aimed at certain demographics or different things.

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Tinder is the overarching, ‘Well, if it doesn’t work out, you can still come here and probably hook up with someone tonight, but it’s probably going to be terrible.’”Drake is on the planning committee for the Blue Whale Comedy Festival in Tulsa and hopes, if a few Tinder shows go off successfully in Oklahoma City, to take the concept up Turner Turnpike for the esteemed comedy fest.“I don’t want people to think that our goal is just making fun of people,” he said.

“We’ll probably do a little bit of that, but it’s not going to get bad.

and, hopefully, a different kind of electricity too.

Dating in the Dark is a offers an alternative to modern ‘blind’ dating: one that is intended to bring back a time where the spark is spurred on by conversation and personality…