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The exp skid would cover the factory skid plate holes if you just pop it on there like the video says you can.

Have some one spend an hour to create some real instructions and save the customer potential hours and hours combined. the 4" bolt that requires you drill through your frame... It seems pretty super secure without them, but maybe someone here knows what magic support they lend?

Elaine outbids Sue-Ellen Mishke at an auction, to buy John F Kennedy's golf clubs on behalf of Mr Peterman, and leaves them in the back of Jerry's car. JERRY: They're sending a detective to my apartment tomorrow.

Kramer and Newman have left groceries under the hood of Jerry's car, meaning Jerry has to take it to Tony the mechanic, who loves the car more than Jerry does. ELAINE: What the hell were you thinking leaving my clubs in that car?!

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It looks like it was designed to try and line up with factory skid hooks but it's not even close to lining up on my 2010.

[Jerry's Apartment] Jerry is talking with a police detective at his door.

ELAINE: It seems that a psychotic mechanic has absconded with my friend's car. ELAINE: They happened to be in the back seat at the time.

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