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But it was in the last place you’d expect to find it: on a woodsy 25-acre lot along the Rappahannock River nestled in Virginia’s Hunt Country.

Siobhan and Sander Mueller, an Arlington couple looking for a weekend getaway, were immediately hooked when they saw the listing in 2013, even though the property was a little run-down.

This weekend our family finally made the jump to upgrade our home wifi router.

For the past three years, we’ve been using a second generation Air Port Extreme wifi router which I stumbled upon at a local pawn shop.

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I’m still hanging on to an older Netgear wifi router to use for PD videoconferencing, which supports a DMZ mode that Apple routers don’t, but I’m totally convinced that for our family needs and wifi usage profiles, the Apple wifi router is worth the money. My sister and her family stayed with us for part of this weekend, and last night we had a combined 17 (SEVENTEEN) wireless devices connected to our home wifi network.How is WP Time Capsule different than other backup plugins? It backs up and restores only the changed files & DB and not the entire site every time. The files & DB are stored in your cloud storage app – Dropbox, Google Drive or Amazon S3. We have used the cloud apps’ native file versioning system to detect changes and maintain file versions. You can restore the site to any point in time or restore specific files & DB. BACKUP METHOD Traditionally – Backups are compressed and zipped. The Good: It is irresponsible to ask users to send site credentials over unsecured e-mail.So backups and restores are as reliable as they get. I contacted support about it and their reply said that it was secure because they read their mail in their web-based help desk over HTTPS.With smart update detection techniques, We automagically detect security updates and apply them on your Word Press sites for people who doesn't want to enable auto - updates for everything.Before any update we backup the site completely and also let you know if there is a mishap in the update, for you to revert it back.