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Much of the comedy came from their domestic situation and clashing backgrounds.

Tony's daughter, Samantha (Alyssa Milano); Angela's son, Jonathan (Danny Pintauro); and Angela's mother, Mona (Katherine Helmond), completed the cast.

And suffer through absolutely hilarious situations in the process.

In short – Tony Danza is the “boss” (unless you’re from New Jersey, since we have an entirely different definition of “The Boss”.) Aiming to find a better living situation for himself and his daughter Samantha, he stumbles across the gig to be a live-in housekeeper to divorced advertising executive Angela Bower.

Premiering in 1984, the show was groundbreaking for a few reasons – one being that it showed that the female could be the breadwinner of the household.

A graduate of Carnegie-Mellon University, Light made her Broadway debut in a 1975 revival of Henrik Ibsen's drama ?

On the popular sitcom, which debuted in 1984, Light played Angela Bower, a powerful advertising executive and divorced mother of one, who hired former baseball player Tony Micelli (Tony Danza) to be her live-in housekeeper.