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But it's nice to have everyone thinking that because it gives us juicy storylines to play with.""I think if we'd immediately put on screen this massive love affair, I don't think anybody would've believed that," she continued."But I think people can fall in love or fondness can grow over time. I mean, I'm not the sort of girl that goes for guys who are strikingly beautiful.In 1992, she secured a high-profile role on British television as Mandy Salter in BBC's East Enders.In 1994, Stapleton quit the role, but in 2011, returned to the role after seventeen years. Stapleton's other notable television roles include that of Janine Nebeski in ITV's Bad Girls (2005–06) and Joe Nardone in Channel 4's Young Person's Guide to Becoming a Rock Star (1998).Billed as a "manipulative force of nature", Mandy also has a spiteful streak and she is already being tipped to cause trouble for at least one of Walford's well-known residents.Speaking of her return, Stapleton commented: "I'm looking forward to playing Mandy again - it will be interesting to see what she's been up to all this time.She has worked extensively in film, on television and on stage.

It was my 40th birthday and he took me mud-larking on the Thames. But if I really regretted it that much I could go and do it now, so I sort of feel that life is too short for regrets – you’re too busy doing the next thing. It’s not like it’s my first child or anything – but still I was standing up at the side, clapping and crying. Some are rubbish, but I still watch them, chasing the high of When Harry Met Sally... make sure there was a public library on every high street. It’s starting to go a bit wrong now and I need a new car, but I’m not very materialistic. giving birth to both of my daughters in private hospitals. It’s the best city on Earth, perhaps with the exception of New York. We were walking my dog Disney and I kissed him underneath a tree. that I didn’t carry on studying musical theatre, which I’d done as a kid, because now I’d love to be able to do musical theatre. I can hold a tune – but you wouldn’t buy it to listen to. three weeks ago when my little girl Iris, who is four, swam to the middle of the pool and back without anyone holding her and without any floats. Whenever my husband is out – and sometimes when he’s in, too – I go on Netflix and watch them. The most expensive thing I’ve ever splashed out on was… Then he took me to the pub across the road to get something to eat and all my friends were there for a surprise 40th birthday party. I would get in my bed with my kids and Paul, with cups of tea and jam toasties, and just snuggle down together.Reflecting on her comeback, Stapleton told fans have seen Mandy embark on a relationship with Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) following her return to Walford.Asked whether she finds the pairing strange due to the age difference, Stapleton replied: "Adam Woodyatt is 43, and Mandy's a couple of years younger than I am, so she's mid-30s, so not really.