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Since scoring a foreign-language Oscar nod for his touching classroom drama “Monsieur Lazhar,” Quebecois helmer Falardeau has proven himself adept at bringing unexpected emotional texture to seemingly trite English-lingo material.

Just as 2014’s “The Good Lie” wasn’t entirely the mawkish heartwarmer its marketing promised, so “The Bleeder’s” modesty distinguishes itself from a recent spate of commercial boxing dramas.

Instead, they are in the ring, literally slugging it out and keeping each other on their toes long after the cameras have stopped rolling.

“When Liev and I train, there’s none of this ‘Oh, we’re Hollywood.

Hall was born in Brockton, Massachusetts, on February 8, 1976, and is a graduate of Brockton High School.

He attended the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and was first exposed to acting from his experiences with the UMass Dartmouth Theatre Company.

A survey by dating website Saucy reveals the countries where men exaggerate the most about the size of their penis - and those where they are too modest.

Nicknamed “the Bleeder” in boxing circles, to his consternation, for his body’s abnormal release of the red stuff during fights, Wepner’s shot at unlikely legend status comes in 1975, when promoter Don King picks him to challenge Muhammad Ali in a world title fight.They claim an average penis measures a generous 7.09in, while women say it come in at 5.58in.American men are also prone to overselling their goods.They give themselves average of 7.24in, compared with the 6.64in reported by women.British women report the same average length - but this also falls short of their partners' generous 6.89in.