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The bears not only stalked and attacked the crew, they got into the food stores on the ship.(From Wikipedia).C at Alert, Canada, the world’s northern-most weather station.Both albums showcase Köner at his very best, be it deploying abstract drones, whipping wind and crisp noises in thoughtful and evocative ways on Novaya Zemlya; or displaying an acute sensitivity to space and rhythm as one half of Porter Ricks. I had prepared a different set for the night, different music things and some visuals, but when I saw [the venue] I changed it, switched off the lights. TK: Yes, I had a look, but didn't stay longer than midnight.All of which has made him a perpetually fascinating figure in modern electronic music. It was better in the afternoon, because you got a pitch-black space, without lamps, just tiny rays of sunlight from outside that would seep through the blinds. How do you approach performing live in comparison to recording in the studio? TK: Oh yes, they are completely different tasks, like swimming and skating: they're both related to water but completely different. In classical music, the whole concept is completely disconnected.You can find the current temperatures around the Arctic (whatever day you’re reading this) at this fantastic interactive Athropolis weather map. Most people are aware that it’s cold during an Arctic winter but often forget about the fact that at 80N and above, the sun does not rise above the horizon from the middle of October until the end of February, which means dusk-like conditions are the most “daylight” that exists for more than four months.

The Dutchmen were plagued by polar bears almost the entire time they were on Novaya Zemlya (see Fig. De Veer’s notes on these encounters provide a unique perspective on polar bear activities over the Arctic winter – ironically, it is not the havoc the bears caused that provides the most important clue but rather, the timing of when they left Barents and his crew alone. An engraving from De Veer’s journal conveys the struggle the crew faced in warding off polar bears during their winter stay at Novaya Zemlya.Did you perform tracks from your albums at the Brigittines Chapel, or do you only improvise when performing live? I am composer of these things, so whatever I try that I didn't write before would qualify as improvisation.And the moment you do it again, it probably becomes a pattern.The cast features Liba Vaynberg (Black Milk, Macbeth) as Dascha the wide-eyed daughter, Thami Moscovici (I Can't Imagine Tomorrow) as Elena the protective mama bear .Kevin Russo (Abstract Nude) as the scheming Serge, Robert Eigen (The Bald Soprano, Three Sisters) as the mysterious General Popov, and Alisa Glembotski (Merchant of Venice) who artfully plays three distinct characters as Raina/ Baba Yaga/ KGB.